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Why Choose Us

We Guarantee Outstanding Results . . . No Exceptions!

Whatever your messaging needs, our expertise and experience are simply unmatched. That means you work with a team with a proven record of delivering exceptional results. Not just a vague promise . . . our unconditional guarantee!

So what makes us different from the competition?

Expertise & Experience

We have distinguished ourselves over the last 25+ years writing speeches, coaching, consulting and training c-level and senior business leaders at global companies such as UPS, Dell, Porsche, Siemens, InterContinental Hotels Group, Novelis, and Kimberly Clark, companies who demand the best from themselves and their consultants.

What that means to you:

We developed and perfected proven coaching and consulting insights, expertise and recommendations in the most demanding and valuable environment of all—the real world. And we have excelled for our clients in every conceivable venue . . . repeatedly.


Critically Acclaimed Publications

Our CEO, David J. Dempsey, JD, has written several presentation skills books for executives and lawyers described as the “go-to” resources for all speakers. A sampling of the critical acclaim for Present Your Way to the Top and Legally Speaking:

  • “Guaranteed applause if you follow this advice”
  • “Required reading for all leaders”
  • “A godsend”
  • “Even Lincoln would be impressed!”
  • “Profound impact”
  • “Great books!”
  • “Inspiration to those who believe they know what they are doing and a beacon for those who do not.”

What that means to you:

You will work with the definitive guidebooks for speaking excellence, and learn insights from the expert who wrote them . . . . insights guaranteed to help you deliver better presentations than you ever imagined.


Legal & Analytical Perspective

Our CEO is an experienced business attorney and a veteran of the courtroom. In his distinguished legal career, he drafted and enforced hundreds of lengthy, complex legal contracts, documents where millions of dollars depended on the utmost precision and clarity in the written words.

What that means to you:

All aspects of your messaging—your words, your stories, your visual support, your delivery—everything—will be painstakingly prepared, analyzed and refined . . . built with a lawyer’s mindset and an eye for every critical detail . . . details that cumulatively make an enormous difference.


Experience in the Speaking Arena

We don’t just coach and consult—we are professional speakers. Why does that matter? Because we repeatedly stand in our speakers’ shoes and face audiences, so we empathize with speakers, and we understand the challenges and anxieties speakers confront.

What that means to you:

Our unique perspective is not gleaned from a book, garnered in a sterile classroom setting, or plucked from a boilerplate list of communication principles. We developed our presentation perspective and philosophy under the glare of the lights and the watchful eyes of the audience. As Mark Twain opined: “The person who holds the cat by the tail knows a great deal more about that experience than the person who simply reads about it.”


Speechwriting Experience & Insights

Whether you begin with nothing more than a hazy idea, or your existing message needs minor tweaks or wholesale revisions, we have the experience and expertise to craft messages that POP and resonate. Our team has drafted hundreds of critically-acclaimed presentations of every type.

What that means to you:

One size fits all, the cookie cutter messaging solution, never works. We create messages that fit each speaker’s style and maximize her effectiveness. We ask and understand our speakers’ goals before we recommend an approach or stroke the first key on the keyboard. That perspective and collaboration produce the best product.


University Lessons

Our team has over 25 years of collective experience teaching advanced communications at a private university in Atlanta, courses consistently rated the best at the university.

What that means to you:

Beyond understanding the latest communication trends and tools that help speakers connect with an audience, we understand how speakers can communicate in a way that will resonate with diverse audiences of all ages and unique perspectives.